Unique Traditions

23 Dec

Every year there is the Holiday norm; Work Christmas Party, Christmas Carols, Candy Canes, Holiday outfits, and all of the other classic traditions. Of course there is the usual Christmas Season kickoff, Holiday decorations put up inside the house and outside, the Christmas tree goes up with all the trimmings. Besides all of these customary rituals, there are a few personal ones that I hold near and dear to my heart.  Traditions that over the years I have started and/or  made them my own:

Holiday Decor

Baking cookies. This may sound ordinary, but I have put a twist on it. I started by making just chocolate chips, but now all kinds are made; sugar, peanut butter, oatmeal, cheesecakes, the list goes on. I invite my family over for a light dinner, then for dessert I serve all the cookies I have made in the past month. YUM!

The Annual Christmas Party with my Friends. This Christmas tradition has been going on since High School! Me and four of my Best Friends gather together the week before Christmas for this party. Each year we rotate houses, exchange gifts, share a great meal, and create long lasting memories! I look forward to this all year, it truly is a special night.

Holiday Table

My most favorite holiday tradition: My parents started this when I was young. On Christmas Eve, you pick one gift, out of a selected 5,  that can be opened that night.  This sets off the gift giving spirit for the next day!


Happy holidays, enjoy your own personal and family traditions!


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