Look Good, Feel Good.

6 Jan

The beginning of the year marks when a commitment is made to ones self to make it a more fun, more successful and of course a healthier year. Eat Better, get more sleep, and of course exercise more often. The easiest part of this equation for me is the exercise, (will I really pass up homemade baked ziti?). My health consciousness kicks in and I either hit the road running (honestly) or I am off to the gym. The best way for me to stay inspired and energized throughout the year is by purchasing new workout gear. I love new Workout gear, almost as much as a new pair of platform Miu Miu Pumps! I have two favorites of the set illustrated below, the Mizuno sneakers and the iPod. The sneakers have honestly changed the way I run and my iPod playlists keep me going when the workouts get tough!

1. Under Armour Pullover Hoodie, $49.99, dicksportingoods.com

2.Garmin Forerunner 110 GPS Enabled Unisex Sport Watch, $199,  amazon.com

3. Nike Tank Top, $25, nike.com

4. Phillips Sport Buds, $19.99, target.com

5. Mizuno Wave Rider Sneaker, $74.99, roadrunner.com

6. Zella “Live In” Capri Pant, $42, nordstrom.com

7. Adidas by Stella McCartney Gym Bag, $144, zappos.com

8. iPod, $249, apple.com

9. Stainless Steel Bottle, $14, lululemon.com

Happy New Year! I hope 2011 brings you health and happiness.


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