Natural Accents

19 Jan

I am a huge fan of rough cut, bold, and natural stone  jewelry. I am firm believer that it can transfigure most outfits and can take looks from day into night. An amazing natural necklace can play up a plain t-shirt by giving it a more chic look. Right now, more often than not, I am drawn to jewelry that is made of or replicates natural stones.  The earthiness of these pieces, the real or faux connection to nature, or just the sheer beauty of this type of jewelry pulls me in immediately. The other element that is so alluring about this type of jewelry is how transitional it is. For instance, you can definitely wear the Agate necklace, shown below, with a knit sweater dress this winter or in the Spring with a printed jersey or shirt dress.

1. Agate Ring $26.95

2. Seal Pyrite Cuff $142

3. Grace Kelly Necklace $252.45

4. Rock Candy Bangles $138

5. Turquoise Star Earrings $200

6. Sharon Ring $150

7. Wood Bangle $56

8. Amethyst Chunk Ring $185


One Response to “Natural Accents”

  1. Dana Smith January 27, 2011 at 4:19 pm #

    I love ALL of these!!!!

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