Light Bright – Spring Fashion Goes Electric!

16 Mar

Neon, Fluorescent, Bright Colors – whatever you prefer to call them, have popped up everywhere for Spring. This electrifying response to Winter’s drab tones will surely definitely satisfy any craving for change and the coming of Spring.  My deep collection of black and gray clothes will soon have some very bright colors to contend with. I believe that all complexions can pull of a Fluorescent color, it is just a matter of finding the right one. Blondes can normally wear Day-Glow yellow or green, Brunettes can pull of Fuschias, and Red Heads look fabulous in Coral. When looking to pair these electric shades for an outfit, the easiest way would be to put them with black or a neutral shade, like a light gray or a khaki tone. If the thought of wearing Magenta, Lime Green, or Tangerine scares you, then start out with wearing super bright accessories or make-up to warm up to this trend. Adding a pop of color can awaken outfit and make you stand out in a crowd!

1. Proenza Schouler Handbag

2. O.P.I. Nail Polish

3. Marc by Marc Hillier Handbag

4. Diesel Wallet

5. Brian Atwood Maniac Pump

6. Tribal Cuff

7. Urban Decay Cheek Tint

8. Dolce Vita Wedge


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