Animal Instincts

23 Mar

For the past few months, I have slowly been introducing some animal-like wear into my wardrobe. The gradual process has been a bird ring here, a tee shirt with a zebra printed across it there, and my next purchase will most likely be the leopard and orange sandals shown below. While I don’t think I could ever fully embrace a leopard skirt, I think just the hint of the pattern will do just fine.  Mixing in some animal prints is great, just remember to never go overboard with one print and stray away from mixing different animals all in one outfit. Besides that, enjoy the wild side!

If you are going to purchase anything you see below, be sure to visit They donate 10% of every purchase to charity of your choice.

(Items are listed in columns, starting on the left.)

Zebra Print Tee $22

Bird Cuff $142

Orange and Leopard Sandals $123

Elephant Bracelet $48

Zebra Print Clutch $325

Fox Ring $100

Giraffe Tank $39

Snakeskin Print Pant $83

Kissing Bird Ring $88

Bird Necklace $40.60

Alligator Ring

Elephant Bag $88


One Response to “Animal Instincts”

  1. Dana Smith March 23, 2011 at 9:57 pm #

    Love all of this! I embrace many trends and will try anything for fashion, but I agree with you when you say you may never be able to embrace a full on skirt or dress. Hints of “the wild side” here and there will be perfect. I love the elephant bracelet the most! Fun!

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