Everday Wear

30 Mar

Sometimes putting an outfit together for everyday wear can pose more a challenge than composing an outfit for a fancy Gala. A question I often field is, “What do I put with this or that?” and “How do I make an everyday outfit seem interesting without going over the top?” My answer to these questions is, invest in few really great staples and you will be able to interchange them with so many different things and for so many different occasions, you will so happy you purchased them. (I answered the Winter time version of this question here.)

My top picks for everyday are:

1. Great Fitting Dark Wash Jeans

2. Comfortable Flats to “run around” in

3. Good Size Everyday Handbag that fits all the daily essentials

4. Cute Jacket to throw over top of anything, in a color that goes with the rest of your wardrobe

5. A tee shirt with a little detail. Whether it is printed, embellished, or tie dye, something that is a little different to throw into the mix with basic pieces

If you have all of these components in your closet, and throw in a few accessories,  than you will undoubtedly be able to throw on a great ensemble at the drop of a dime.

Below I have featured 2 looks with the items listed above, mixing and matching low priced items with higher end pieces.  Because I don’t believe that looking chic has to cost a bundle.

Outfit on Left

Green Jacket $34.50

Tee $44

Jeans $170

Messenger Bag $208

Gray Flats $59

Cord and Chain Bangles $30

Outfit on Right

Faux Leather Jacket $106

Burnout Tee $125

Jeans $80

Handbag $498

Gray Ankle Strap Flats $248

Horn Bangle Set $90


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