Rules to Pack By

25 May

Packing a bag for a weekend getaway can sometimes pose a challenge. Cramming essentials, clothes and shoes in just one bag can definitely present some logistical and practical problems. Being a person that loves to throw everything under the sun into her luggage when packing for a trip, when packing a weekender this simply does not work. So, I follow a few “fail-safe” rules to make sure my packing is pragmatic, but I still have room for all of my fun pieces!

1. Plan your Packing! Put your shoes on the bottom and layer everything else on top.

2. Organize by Category!  Put all your tops, pants, intimates etc.. in piles in your bag. This is helpful when you are grabbing something quick out of your bag because you will know exactly where it is. Plus, if you don’t get a chance to unpack you will still keep your clothes in order.

3. Versatility is Key! Pack items that are either neutral or ones that can easily intermix with other pieces you have packed. This will help you get the most out of the few items that are in your bag.

4. Wear it There! I always wear an outfit that I can wear again on the trip. Whether it’s a tank and cropped jeans or a T-shirt and printed shorts, these outfits can be broken up and worn with other pieces.

5. Don’t Stress! If you have gone through all your outfits and have to wear the same thing twice, don’t worry. When you think back on the trip you will remember the great memories and not that you wore the same outfit multiple times.

1. Tank Dress $110

2. Weekender Bag $558

3. Gray Wedge $45.99

4. Orange Tank Top $89.50

5. Cropped Pants $70

6. Mara Necklace $170 (per each strand)

7. Maxi Dress $60

8. Cardigan $76

9. Jean Shorts $39.50

10. Feather Sandal $225


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