Summer Beauty

1 Jun

Following close behind Fashion, style and cooking, my next love would be beauty and bath products. This love has deep roots, I have a picture my mom took of me when I was 7 or 8, applying a full face of makeup. It actually looked pretty good considering how young I was and also that it was the 80’s.)  This love affair has done nothing, but grown stronger over the years. Just like my summer wardrobe, I like change some things over when the seasons change. I strive to find products that last all day despite the heat the humidity that surrounds New Jersey in the Summer. Also, my preference for summer products are ones that shine, glow and highlight bronzed skin.   Below are the products that I am currently using and I am thrilled with all of their results.

I am loving these colors from MAC and Bare Minerals right now (from right moving clockwise) Charcoal Brown, Drama, Blackberry, Satin Taupe. The Bare Minerals and Laura Mercier shimmer eye pencil, in Black Gold, are awesome for illuminating the eye. I was always a firm believer that a Mascara would not work well unless it cost $20 or more, this feeling kind of seized when i got tired of paying that amount for something that runs out so quickly. I decided to give this Cover Girl Lash Blast a try and I was blown away!  I kind have an obsession with lashes and this one works better than any other mascara I have ever tried. It defines and lengthens and the staying power is remarkable. The Tarte eyelash curler has so much strength that with one squeeze I suddenly look awake. I have tried everything from Shu Uemura to Revlon and this curler definitely takes the prize!

First, I apply the liquid MAC cream blush, then the Urban Decay cheek highlighter, then the powder blushes, sometimes one of them, sometimes both. What I love about the Cheek Highligher is that it is a cream that dries into a powder so it stays on ALL day. yay!

Face products (in clockwise direction); Bobbi Brown Blush Brush, MAC cream blush in Posey, Urban Decay cream highlighter in Moonshine, MAC powder blush in Melba, Bobbi Brown powder blush in Apricot.

Tools are just as important as good quality products. A good firm brush with soft bristles are important traits to look for when purchasing a brush. This will help with applying makeup, making it easier to capture the makeup and transfer onto your face.

The brushes are: Bobbi Brown, MAC, Sonia Kashuk and Chanel.

Since college I have been using the Clarins Body Bronze it provides a nice natural glow. The Aveeno lotion is great for everyday because it has a built in SPF 15, plus it smells a little like suntan lotion which always makes me happy. Jergens Natural Glow is a new addition. A friend of mine turned me on to it, and the results are pretty sweet!

I was taking my lip stick and gloss out of my bag to photograph and Josie, dog, ran up to me and started smelling them. Thought it was too cute not to capture. ( I think she was attracted to the sweet vanilla scent of the gloss.)  These two are the perfect combo for my complexion. The lipstick is a neutral and the gloss is bright and shiny, they balance each other exquisitely, creating the most perfect lipstick!

Lip product; Sephora Collection Innocent Beige #19, Bobbi Brown gloss Pink Blossom.

It is so interesting how each person’s beauty regimen is so specific and unique to their needs and desires. I believe this reflects how special and different every one is. What are your favorite Summer products?


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