Beach Bag Neccesities

28 Jun

Over the years of beaching, I have crafted a beach bag that holds all the essentials. I always try to be prepared for any situation, so composing this bag took being exposed to various situations (sunburns, green-fly attacks, bleached out hair). The days of baking in the sun are gone, but not lengthy days on the beach! Considering this fact sunscreen and sun protection have become a huge priority, thanks to cute hats and non-greasy sunscreen. These are a few other must haves that I always stow in my bag: magazines, cards (or another form of game/entertainment), and bobby pins – to pin hair away from my part so that it will not burn. Happy Summer and Long Beach Days!!!

Items listed in column form, starting on left:

Beach Bag $102

Magazines available at Barnes and Noble

Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris $17.04

Cards $1.25

Cosmetic Bag $18

Comb $1.75

Bobby Pins $3.50

Sunglasses Case $16

Sunglasses $10

Sun Hat  $29

Beach Towel  $9.99

OFF Bug Spray $7.49

Sun Protective Hair Spray $22

Sunscreen $7

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm with SPF $3


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