Oh my Mac n’ Cheese!

15 Sep

Since I have been home from Cape May I can’t stop thinking about the trip, but mainly I haven’t  been able to stop obsessing about the Lobster Mac n’ Cheese that we ate there. It was so readily available at every restaurant, allowing us to eat it almost every night! Not having that same convenience in New Jersey, I decided to re-create this decadent dish at home. I wanted to make a version that was a little bit more health conscience, giving me a reason to indulge in eating a decent amount of it. I basically followed this recipe, but I tweaked just a tad. (the modifications are listed below.)  I was a little nervous about using lower fat cheese and milk, hoping that the taste would not be compromised and it wasn’t, it was just as amazing. The combination of crunchy breadcrumbs, succulent lobster and the mix of the cheeses made for one satisfying meal.


* I substituted panko breadcrumbs for the whole grain breadcrumbs. I personally prefer the taste of panko for this type of dish and thought they would add a nice element entree.

* I substituted shells for penne pasta. I think that the cheese “sauce” better adheres to the shells, entirely coating shell in cheesy goodness.

* The arm in the picture of the shells and cheese/lobster mixture being poured in to the casserole dish is my husbands arm. I didn’t get bird tattoos on forearms. 🙂


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