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Men’s Fashion 101

8 Sep

It has been asked of me by a few different guys to do a post about Men’s fashion, clothing and tips on how to dress overall.  This really shocked me, but I accepted this request with open arms because I love nothing more than helping people and more importantly helping people feel and look their best. I have a few style tips that I am more than willing to hand out, especially to the male gender. Ladies out there, you know this was not easy for a man to do – ask for help. Anyway, back to the clothes.

Fit. The first guideline for men, and woman too is fit. I am not talking about being fit or in shape, I am discussing the fit of your clothes; shirts, pants, jackets etc.  The fit of any garment is really what makes the piece look great on. Clothing straight off the rack is not made for everyBODY, so getting them tailored makes any piece look so much better. Pants should be hemmed if they too long and bunch at the ankle. If the sleeves of a jacket are too long those should be tailored as well. The sleeve should end right where the wrist meets the hand.

Wearing over sized clothes. People often hide behind their clothes, because they feel it makes them looks better. When in reality large, ill fitting clothes make you look well, big.  The shoulder seam should fit right at the edge of your shoulder, not any higher- this will create shorter sleeves, or any lower on the arm- this look sloppy and the sleeve will be too long.

No pleats please. The most flattering and universal pant fit is one without pleats. Whether is a khaki or a dress pant, flat front pants are the way to go! Don’t forget to get those pants hemmed to the correct length. Bring the shoe with you that you will most likely wear with that pair of pants to ensure the proper hem length.

Ditch the white sneakers. We all know that you play sports or err did play sports. So there is no reason to always be ready for the b-ball court. I am not saying to go out and buy a pair of designer sneakers, but you could switch them out for a pair of sleek Nikes, the always classic Converse or even a super cool pair of Puma’s or New Balances. I totally believe that shoes or sneakers should make/complete an outfit, but when they stick out from the rest of the ensemble this is never a good thing. The sneakers don’t necessarily have to match the outfit, but should at least be tonal with the other colors in the outfit.

Denim. If you are in the market for a new pair of jeans and don’t know which style to buy, at least make sure the wash is dark. This is the most flattering and versatile wash out there. The style of the jean will totally depend on your body type. As I mentioned above if they too long get them hemmed. When you take them to get hemmed, ask the Tailor or Seamstress to re-attach the original hem. This will make it look as though you purchased them right from the store at the perfect length.

Plaid Shirt, Black Brown $68.60

Jeans- Levi’s $42.99

Sweater, J.Crew $138

Sneakers, Nike $39.90

Boots, Tretorn $130


New Combinations

25 Aug

It is inevitable that color blocking is not going anywhere this Fall. Wearing solid colors mixed together was so strong for Spring and Summer and with Fall this trend is still present.  However, with Fall’s new color palette this allows for some amazing color play and great combinations that are pleasing to the eye. The colors are still vibrant and strong, just not so electric, but richer and more jewel like. (as I discussed here) Wearing gray and orange seems like a perfect match. I am loving the burnt orange, instead of the fluorescent variety and switching out white sandals for neutral flat boots, adding a cropped jacket really completes the outfit. Especially for this days when it is 77 and sunny during the day and then the temps drop below 65 at night. A few of my other Fall color combinations are Mustard Yellow and Navy and Orange with Camel. These pairings are classic will undoubtedly last far beyond the Fall 2011 season.

Outfit on Left:

Sweater, H + M, $25

Necklace, LUV AJ,  $99

Pants, 3.1 Phillip Lim, $350

Handbag, Melie Bianco, $64.99

Booties, Chinese Laundry, $89.95

Outfit on Right:

Tank, T by Alexander Wang, $46.50

Jacket, T by Alexander Wang, $80

Jeans, CIMARRON, $135

Handbag, Alexander Wang, $875

Boots, Forever 21, $27.80

Stocking Up for Fall

18 Aug

Ahh there is a crisp in the air, can you feel it? Well maybe not yet, but I know it is on it’s way. Prior to each season I have a tendency to stock up on new items and then taper off with my shopping as the season begins, just filling in the gaps with pieces here and there. I love buying items before the season it makes me feel prepared for the upcoming season and for those random Fall days in late August. One shopping mantra that I always follow is, Buy it when you see it because it will most likely not be there when you go back. Then that shoe, shirt or coat will be haunting you the rest of the season.

Jewel Tones and Luxe Fabrics

17 Aug

The gloomy weather that we had the past few days had me thinking of Fall, crisper days and layering pieces. This Fall I am turning to rich jewel and luxe fabrics and textures to fill my closet. Almost every Fall jewel tones are shown, but this year they seem more intriquing, vibrant and alluring. I think the mix of rich colors against interesting fabrics makes for a fascinating outfit. If the trend of metallic snakeskin or wearing a jewel tone doesn’t seem quite you, then you can start by warming up to the trend with an accessory, shoe or even wear a jewel shade on your nails.

1.Clutch, Marc by Marc Jacobs $158

2. Dress, Diane Von Furstenburg $465

3. Leopard Flat, BP Shoes $59.95

4. Evil Eye Bracelet, House of Harlow $55

5. Road House Blues, OPI, $8

6. Tripe Finger Ring, ASOS, $25.86

7. Boyfriend Cardigan, Topshop $80

8. Cargo Blouse, Madewell, $110

9. Leather Shorts, J Brand, $205

10. Perforated Suede Platform Sandals, Belle by Sigerson Morrison, $350.

Summer to Fall Fashion Video

8 Aug

I absolutely love carrying over pieces from one season to the next. It feels as though I am truly get the most out of my purchases and wardrobe. Transitioning pieces is a major question that I get from clients and also a challenge that is present with my own wardrobe. I decided to take this opportunity and make a small video explaining and showing a few example of how to do this seamlessly.

I have also entered this video in a contest at Fashionindie.com. The winner of this contest will be a co-host LIVE from Fashion Week Spring 2012, this September. The voting does not begin for a few days, but don’t worry I will remind you when it starts!  You can view my submission here: http://www.talenthouse.com/adahliavolk

Thanks for your support!

Staying Warm while Looking Cool

12 Jan

Sometimes in the dead of Winter, it is easy to forgo a polished look on a daily basis. With the snow, freezing temps, and slugging around in snow, fashion can definitely fall by the wayside. My clients often ask, “What is the easiest way to look chic while staying warm?” My answer to this is always, wear a flattering coat with a complimentary scarf. The Coat is often the first thing that is noticed of a Winter Outfit and the scarf simply completes it. You can pair any of these coats with skinny jeans and knee high boots or boot cut jeans and ankle boots and will be good to go!

The coats and scarves in the set below have obvious matches, however many of them are interchangeable. My favorite combo is the Juicy Jacket with the Lulu and Nat Star Scarf or the Lemlem Eskendar Yellow Scarf. Or, maybe it is the Karen Millen Coat with the Diane Von Furstenberg snood, I love the pop of color around the face!

1. Karen Millen Puffa Jacket $299

2. French Connection Coat $140

3. Juicy Parka $360

4. Pink Martini Coat $120

5. Karen Millen Funnel Neck Coat $475

1. Diane Von Furstenberg Scarf $200

2. Lemlem Eskendar Scarf $99

3. Topman Snood $32

4. Tory Burch Scarf $95

5. Lulu & Nat Star Scarf $235

6. Red Cashmere Scarf $84

Super Sale!

29 Dec

Ahh, the Post-Chrristmas Sales, those words are  music to my ears. This is the perfect opportunity to snatch up that piece, or 2, that you have been eyeing up for awhile.  I love to watch an item for months and then score it on sale!  It’s one of the best feelings to pick up a desired piece at a fraction of the retail price.  My favorite sale item of this collage is the Costume National ring. I love how chunky it is and the earthy quality of the rough cut quartz.

1. All Saints Cardigan, was $120 now $84, allsaints.com

2. Madewell Necklace, was $58 now $40.60, shopbop.com

3. Ready to Hardware Top, was $84.99 now $42, modcloth.com

4. Quartz Ring, was $263 now $132, costumenational.com

5. Citizen of Humanity Corduroy Skinny Jeans, was $155 now $108, net-a-porter.com

6. Dolce Vita Wedge Tilden Boot, was $207.95 now $145.57, zappos.com

7. T by Alexander Wang Skirt, was $125 now $62.50, net-a-porter.com

8. Sam Eldeman Niland Peeptoe Pump, was $99 now $69.30, bloomingdales.com

9. Mackage Opal Fingerless Gloves, was $126 now $63, shopbop.com

Warm Treasures

15 Dec

It has been colder than freezing in the North East for the past few days. All I can think of is finding new ways to stay warm. The method I have been living by has been to surround myself, literally, in the warmest and most comfy clothes and accessories.  Until the temperature changes I will be wearing nothing but cashmere sweaters and shearling boots, all the while drinking a warm and toasty beverage.  Below are some items that will surely keep you warm through Winter’s end. 1. Elizabeth and James Cashmere Cardigan – $277, net-a-porter.com

2. Trapper Hat – $46, topshop.com

3. Hot Cocoa

4. Alexander McQueen Shearling Lined Booties – $749, alexandermcqueen.com

5. Lounger Lover Sweet Insomnia Cashmere Tank – $75, net-a-porter.com

6. Shearling Lined Slippers – $63.95, kiwisheepskins.com

7. All Saints Shearling Lined Boots – $280.00, allsaints.com