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Basics that Rock

7 Nov

I have been a long time fan of dressing up a casual tee with a large ornate necklace. The contrast of the fancy necklace against a gray tee really elevates the outfit and compliments it perfectly. I decided that the remaining accessories should be a little edgier: a pointy leaf ring, metal-heeled booties and a sleek black clutch. Finishing off the outfit with the ever so versatile black blazer.

This ensemble was particularly perfect going to a show to see The Sounds. If you are unfamiliar with The Sounds, I highly recommend you check them out. They are a Swedish Indie Rock band that produces dancey songs with lyrics that almost anyone can relate to. The bonus is that the lead singer, Maja, is pretty bad ass! Check out the video below for a sample.

Outfit Details: T-shirt - Forever 21, Blazer - H+M, Necklace - Forever 21, Jeans - Gap, Clutch - Chanel, Ring - Forever 21, Booties - Chanel

Outfit Details: T-shirt - Forever 21, Blazer - H+M, Necklace - Forever 21, Jeans - Gap, Clutch - Chanel, Ring - Forever 21, Booties - Chanel


Cheap Thrills

2 Nov

Lately, more so than usual, I have been finding great deals on exceptional pieces. Some items are on sale, while others are well priced to begin with. I have always believed that looking amazing on a daily basis does NOT have to cost a fortune and can be done on any budget. I never discount (no pun intended) sale racks and lower price point retailers. Below are pieces that I found to be pretty remarkable for the price!

Forever 21 - $14.80

Forever 21 - $14.80

H+M - $19.95

H+M - $19.95

Dolce Vita $48 - on sale.

Dolce Vita $48 - on sale.

Turquoise Rhinestone Necklace and Gold Rhinestone Ring- Forever 21, both under $7.00. Rhinestone and Tortoise Shell Necklace - J.Crew, on sale $20.00

Turquoise Rhinestone Necklace and Gold Rhinestone Ring- Forever 21, both under $7.00. Rhinestone and Tortoise Shell Necklace - J.Crew, on sale $20.00

Fall Faux Real

5 Oct

So the time for Fall clothes has finally arrived. Hooray! I was getting so tired of sandals and sweating. (come January I will be eating my words.) For now I am excited about this change in seasons and welcoming the cooler temps with arms that are ready for a coat. We went out this past weekend for an awesome dinner and I grabbed the chance to wear boots and a faux fur vest so quickly, I almost started to sweat (again). I am totally embracing the variety of colors that are being offered this Fall for bottoms: pants, skirts, shorts etc.. Wearing them with a patterned blouse, faux fur vest, and gold jewelry has a certain exhilarating luxury that can only be felt in this time of year.

One collar wasn't enough, I wanted two!

One collar wasn't enough, I wanted two!

Blouse: Urban Outfitters

Vest: Forever 21

Necklace: BCBG

Pants: Anthropologie

Booties: Sigerson Morrison

Ring; Marc by Marc Jacobs

The Edge of Lace

29 Sep

I went away this past weekend for quick romanticesque trip.  I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to wear this leather skirt I had been dying to wear. I decided to pair it with a lace top giving the edgier skirt a feminine contrast. The different textures of the outfit played off each other nicely and more importantly the whole ensemble was insanely comfortable!

Outfit Details:

Top: Forever 21

Skirt: Free Peple

Booties: Belle by Sigerson Morrison

Rings: Vintage and Louisa

Native Inspirations

16 Sep

The Native inspired prints and colors trend for fall is so alluring with the rich textures, intricate patterns, and exquisite details . I love the native prints manipulated into modern silhouettes. The luxurious patterns and comfortable materials make this style such a viable option for Fall. Pieces that can provide comfort and luxe in colder temperatures, what else can you want?  One of the qualities that attracts me most to this style is the colors, the contrast of dark and light with a pop of color thrown into the pattern. Sometimes it isn’t necessary to copy a trend exactly, but to analyze and take away from it something that you can relate into your wardrobe. If there were only thing to take away from this trend, it could be to wear an electric blue against a camel and black outfit or wear fringe boots with a patterned mini skirt and dark tights.

1. Native Stitch Bag, $24.80

2. Kain Tee, $90

3. Elizabeth and James Sweater, $385

4. Wildfox Sweatshirt, $112

5. Kyler by Joy O necklace, $116

6. Clare Vivier Clutch, $149

7. Proenza Schouler silk skirt, $845

8. Oasis Belt, $22

9. B by Brian Atwood Boot, $450

10. Sateen Skinny Pants, $98

Chambray on the Cape.

31 Aug

The weather while on vacation last week in Cape Cod, as I mentioned here, was pretty ideal. The days were sunny, warm and the humidity very low. The nights were a bit cooler, so I took advantage of this weather by wearing some Fall Transitional pieces. This chambray shirt is a recent purchase and I can already tell it is will be on heavy rotation. It has a boyfriend cut, allowing for a more relaxed and easy going wear. Pairing it with red cords and super comfortable wedges, made for one easy to wear outfit for one awesome night out!

Outfit Details:

Necklace: Forever 21

Ring: Alex and Ani

Shirt: Madewell

Pants: Gap

Shoes: Dolce Vita

New Combinations

25 Aug

It is inevitable that color blocking is not going anywhere this Fall. Wearing solid colors mixed together was so strong for Spring and Summer and with Fall this trend is still present.  However, with Fall’s new color palette this allows for some amazing color play and great combinations that are pleasing to the eye. The colors are still vibrant and strong, just not so electric, but richer and more jewel like. (as I discussed here) Wearing gray and orange seems like a perfect match. I am loving the burnt orange, instead of the fluorescent variety and switching out white sandals for neutral flat boots, adding a cropped jacket really completes the outfit. Especially for this days when it is 77 and sunny during the day and then the temps drop below 65 at night. A few of my other Fall color combinations are Mustard Yellow and Navy and Orange with Camel. These pairings are classic will undoubtedly last far beyond the Fall 2011 season.

Outfit on Left:

Sweater, H + M, $25

Necklace, LUV AJ,  $99

Pants, 3.1 Phillip Lim, $350

Handbag, Melie Bianco, $64.99

Booties, Chinese Laundry, $89.95

Outfit on Right:

Tank, T by Alexander Wang, $46.50

Jacket, T by Alexander Wang, $80

Jeans, CIMARRON, $135

Handbag, Alexander Wang, $875

Boots, Forever 21, $27.80

Stocking Up for Fall

18 Aug

Ahh there is a crisp in the air, can you feel it? Well maybe not yet, but I know it is on it’s way. Prior to each season I have a tendency to stock up on new items and then taper off with my shopping as the season begins, just filling in the gaps with pieces here and there. I love buying items before the season it makes me feel prepared for the upcoming season and for those random Fall days in late August. One shopping mantra that I always follow is, Buy it when you see it because it will most likely not be there when you go back. Then that shoe, shirt or coat will be haunting you the rest of the season.

Summer Ease

15 Jun

Every Season inevitably has those pieces that you turn to for ease, reliability, and sheer comfort. So far this summer I have been going for neutrals, statement piece jewelry and maxi skirts/dresses. I have really repeating these items so frequently, I may have to hide them somewhere and bring them back out in a month or so. Then it will be fun all over again to wear them! Until I can find a good hiding place then I will just keep on wearing them, enough to have my husband realize that I am repeating outfits!

Always a fanatic for any piece with a natural element. Picked this one up from Anthropologie.

Always a fanatic for any piece with a natural element. Picked this one up from Anthropologie.

Perfect belt for cinching skirts or dresses.

Perfect belt for cinching skirts or dresses.

Loving these Super versatile wedges by Dolce Vita!

Loving these Super versatile wedges by Dolce Vita!

Sassy tassel detail of zipper pull.

Sassy tassel detail of zipper pull.

Poppy Maxi Skirt to contrast all of my neutrals. (skirt from Forever 21)

Poppy Maxi Skirt to contrast all of my neutrals. (skirt from Forever 21)

From Top:

Necklace from Anthropologie

Belt from Anthropologie

Dolce Vita shoes from Piperlime

Skirt from Forever 21

One Short, 3 Ways

8 Jun

Getting to wear 1 piece various ways is like hitting the jackpot. It feels as though you are truly getting the most out of your investment, but  thinking of  ways to mix and match can be challenging. When doing Wardrobe Consultations, clients often ask, “what is another way I can wear this?” Referring to a top, skirt, pants etc.. that they would like to re-purpose and wear differently.  I love answering this question. It helps them see their wardrobe pieces in a new light, and helps them get the most out of their existing wardrobe!

Below is an example of how to re-wear an item that may seem to have only 1 outfit option. Mixing up patterned pieces beyond the usual combinations can be a bit intimidating, but currently I love throwing out the common suspects and throwing in some twists. Bright colors look amazing against muted color patterned shorts, as does another pattern that is complimentary, but does not compete with the original item. I think these shorts are completely perfect for a BBQ, the Beach or even a Night Out!

1. Pink Tank $44

2. Shorts $78 (same short for all 3 outfits)

3. Slip On Sandal $14.80

4. T-Shirt $95

5. Bikini Top $75

6. Flat Sandal $140

7.  Yellow Blouse $76

8. Wedges $206.50