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Boots, all under a $100!

4 Nov

Continuing with the theme of earlier this week and how to look great on a budget. I researched some great boots and they are all under a $100.  Since all of these boots are more reasonably priced, there is no need to choose just one style for this season. You can choose many!!! A few of these boots are highly versatile though. Boots # 2,6 and 8 could be worn with flared jeans, wide leg pants or paired with a skirt.  Talk about bang for your buck!

1.Ingram Bootie $89

2. Pura Bootie $96

3. Lace Up Boot $79.99

4. Knee Boot  $69

5. Tall Knee Boot $55.99

6. Platform Bootie $69

7. Suede Platform Boot $99.95

8. Platform Lace Up Shoe Boot $71.88