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Outfit Details

11 Aug

Below are the details of the outfit I wore for the Fashion Week video submission.  I wanted to wear something comfortable, not too complicated, and an ensemble that wouldn’t be distracting to viewers. I chose colors that are easy on the eye, so the focus wouldn’t be too much on what I was wearing, but on what I saying.  Most importantly I wanted to exemplify the topic of the video, How to Transition an Outfit from Summer to Winter. I know the skirt may look summery, but with an addition of a blazer or even gray tights (and a shoe exchange) this outfit could easily work in the Fall or even the Winter. In the dead of Winter, I love wearing a piece that it is wispy and ethereal. It is such a refreshing contrast to the grey, dreary days.

Here is the link to the video: talenthouse.com/adahliavolk  Voting begins tomorrow!

Outfit Details:

Skirt: BCBG Generation

Blouse: Red Haute

Ring: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Shoes: Prada


Summer to Fall Fashion Video

8 Aug

I absolutely love carrying over pieces from one season to the next. It feels as though I am truly get the most out of my purchases and wardrobe. Transitioning pieces is a major question that I get from clients and also a challenge that is present with my own wardrobe. I decided to take this opportunity and make a small video explaining and showing a few example of how to do this seamlessly.

I have also entered this video in a contest at Fashionindie.com. The winner of this contest will be a co-host LIVE from Fashion Week Spring 2012, this September. The voting does not begin for a few days, but don’t worry I will remind you when it starts!  You can view my submission here: http://www.talenthouse.com/adahliavolk

Thanks for your support!